What is a Therapy Dog?

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A therapy dog is, most simply, a comfort creature, a dog who offers affection and solace to people who can use a lift.

Lots of dogs do this, especially for their families.

Therapy Dogs are pets with polish!

So what makes a dog a Therapy Dog?

Temperament and skills.

CHAMP Therapy Dogs come to us with an amiable disposition and with a decent set of basic manners. Our handlers join CHAMP to improve and perfect those manners and to learn the ropes of volunteering with a dog in places where people usually are experiencing some degree of stress.

They visit people of all ages, mostly as a warm, gentle presence to be touched and loved on during a social visit.

What about breed?

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Therapy Dogs come in all breeds and all sizes.

We have Toy Poodles, an Irish Wolfhound and every thing in-between. There is no best breed for therapy. What they have in common is a calm, serene temperament.

Are Therapy Dogs the same as Service Dogs?

Therapy dogs are not service dogs, nor are they covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Therapy dog handlers do not have the right to be accompanied by their therapy dogs in public settings. They only visit facilities where contracted by CHAMP.