CHAMP Therapy Dogs Lineup Picture

The CHAMP Therapy Dog Program

We have over 90 CHAMP therapy dog teams. We even have a very special therapy cat.

The dogs come from breeders, from shelters, from foster care.

CHAMP Therapy Dog Teams meet over 1,700 people a month during scheduled visits to over 80 locations.

We visit local hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, adult day cares, homeless programs, the USO, homes for people with dementia, with developmental disabilities, with mental illness; libraries, schools, nursery schools and colleges in metropolitan St. Louis, MO.

Teams also visit schools and community groups as part of our Education Program, to present programs on pet care, greeting dogs safely, Ability Days and Career Days.

Mostly therapy dogs provide a brief bit of bliss. From what we hear, they are most welcome visitors.