CHAMP Classes

We offer several classes geared for therapy dogs:

photo Daphne in class

  1. Basic Therapy Dog Class - Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) prepares you and your dog for social visits to health care venues, to reading programs at schools, libraries, to colleges during exam week, and visits to other public settings, including education presentations to schools and community groups. Dog must pass a skills test and be evaluated for temperament for admission.

  2. Advanced Therapy Dog Class - Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) prepares you and your dog to work with a therapist (PT, OT, SLP, RT) at a rehabilitation facility. Participants must first complete CHAMP's AAA course and gain experience as a therapy team.

  3. Basic Obedience is open to potential therapy dogs to teach the basic obedience commands required to qualify for the AAA Therapy Dog class.

  4. Tricks Class for CHAMP Therapy Teams who have completed the AAA Class. Six Weeks, learn 3 or 4 tricks each week.

Animal Therapy Terminology

This is a relatively new field and its terminology is still somewhat in flux. Three acronyms appear often in literature and on web sites. Here's what we mean by them:

AAI - Animal Assisted Interventions encompass both:

  • AAA - Animal Assisted Activities, purely social, recreational meetings with people, sometimes one on one, sometimes in groups. The dog comforts, entertains, cheers.

  • AAT - Animal Assisted Therapy, incorporates the dog in a patient's goal-directed therapeutic activity under the supervision of a licensed therapist. It could be physical, occupational, speech or recreational therapy, often at a rehabilitation facility. It's usually one-on-one. The sessions are documented in the patient's record.