Program Topics and Scheduling a Visit

Check out our popular & NEW programs! Education teams will resume visits at your facility and present to small groups at the CHAMP office in the future. However, at this time, we offer virtual programs for the health & safety of everyone.

  • How to Safely Greet a Dog (all ages) - Learn and practice how to approach a dog and interact safely. May be included with other programs.

  • Pet Care (ages 3 – 7) - Discuss & demonstrate the needs of pets: daily, weekly, & longer.

Brushing a dog's teeth and coat are important to health

  • CHAMP Kids Care (grade 3) - NEW for individual classroom & counselor groups. This program is funded through a grant: all materials furnished, guidance provided, motivational caring activities, interactive. Limited availability.

  • Scouting Badges - NEW: Teams work with leaders & scouts of all ages (Webelos to Eagle, Daisy & Brownies, etc.) to achieve their goal of earning a badge or performing community service.

  • Project 101 - NEW: CHAMP provides assistance with individual or small group projects. We coordinate with student, parent or guardian, and teacher to assist the student(s) reach their goal. Services may include: brainstorming, suggesting references, interviewing, outlining, creating a draft, editing, rewriting, etc.

  • How Dogs Help People (ages 8 – adult) - The focus is service dogs: how they are chosen and trained. Some skills that may be shown: sit, down, up, wait, turning on/off lights, retrieving, & playing basketball.

  • Ability Awareness (ages 8 – adult) - Compare and contrast assistance, therapy, and emotional support dogs including, training & skills of each, and a demonstration of their skills. What is a Service Animal? (adult): Learn the regulations defining an assistance/service animal, typical types & the jobs they perform, sources for dogs, what makes a great service dog.

  • Service Dogs in Public Places - What Businesses Need to Know (adult): Learn how DOJ defines a service animal, compare Public Access with Housing & Air Travel regulations, DOJ regulations for public access, service dog law, “Real service dogs vs. Fake, practice asking the right question, begin to develop a plan for your business.

Service dog being fed. She enjoys a good meal!

Scheduling a Program

When scheduling a program, please consider the following:

  • Goal: What is the focus of the presentation?

  • Location: At your facility or another designated site.

  • Date & Time: Do you have a date & time? Are you flexible?

  • Length: 30 min – 60 min, depends on audience & program.

  • Audience: What age, grade level or grouping will attend?

  • Accessibility: Is the venue & program area accessible?

  • Fee: $75-300 as determined by program length & audience size. The fee can be waived for qualifying groups. (All fees support the ongoing training and placement of our assistance dogs that are provided at no cost to qualifying children and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities.)

To schedule a program: contact CHAMP. We look forward to hearing from you!

Service dogs during some recent education visits