Program Topics and Scheduling

photo education presentation

Program Topics

  • How to Safely Greet a Dog (all ages): Learn and practice how to approach a dog and interact safely.

  • Pet Care (ages 3 - 7): Discuss & demonstrate the needs of pets: daily, weekly, & longer.

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  • How Dogs Help People (ages 8 - adult): Focus is service dogs: how they are chosen and trained. Skills are demonstrated.

  • Ability Awareness (ages 8 - adult): Overview of service & therapy dogs includes training, skills, the difference between therapy and service dogs, and demonstration of their skills.

  • What is a Service Animal (adults): Learn the regulations defining an assistance/service animal, typical types & the jobs they perform, sources for dogs, what makes a great service dog.

  • Service Dogs in Public Places - What Businesses Need to Know (adults): Learn how DOJ defines a service animal, compare Public Access with Housing & Air Travel regulations, DOJ regulations for public access, service dog law, "Real" service dogs vs. Fake, practice asking the right questions, begin to develop a plan for your business.

Previous Audiences

  • St. Louis Zoo
  • Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Shaw Nature Reserve
  • Washington University Assistive Technology class
  • AT Still University medical students
  • MO Youth Leadership Forum

Scheduling a Presentation

  • Location: At your facility or another designated site.

  • Length: 30 min. - 60 min., depending on the audience and program.

  • Cost: $50 - $250, as determined by program & audience size. The cost can be waived for qualifying groups. (All fees support the ongoing training and placement of service dogs which are provided free of charge to qualifying children & adults with disabilities.)

  • To schedule a presentation: Contact Us or call the CHAMP Office, 314-653-9466. We look forward to hearing from you!