Client Angel Fund

photo of doodle wearing angel wings

Did you know?

CHAMP has a very special fund that helps ensure our assistance dogs receive excellent care throughout their lives, regardless of their partner's financial situation.

YES, we have Angels!

Our graduates are required to assume financial responsibility for their dog, including daily care and feeding, veterinary care, toys, etc. However, we understand that expenses associated with a dog's illness or injury can add up quickly, and changes in the human partner's life situation can impact their ability to provide their dog with needed care.

That's where the CHAMP Client Angel Fund can help.

Who can apply?

Any person who is partnered with a CHAMP Assistance Dog may request financial assistance with providing care for their dog. Contact CHAMP to speak with our Client Services Manager.

Will the fund cover 100% of the cost?

The fund will normally cover a portion of the expense (usually 25% - 100%) based upon the availability of funds and the client's financial need. The bottom line is that we want our dogs to receive the care they need.

What types of expenses could the fund cover?

Examples* include:

  • The cost of pet insurance

  • Emergency care costs, including follow-up care

  • Expenses resulting from serious illness or injury

  • Specialty diets as ordered by a vet. The fund would cover the difference in cost between the specialty diet and a "regular" food. (requires vet request letter)

  • Specialized equipment as recommended by a vet, such as elevated food dishes, orthopedic beds, etc.

  • Euthanization, cremation or burial of their dog.

  • Emergency kenneling in the case of client illness or dog illness

  • Care of retired dogs, including yearly vaccines and physical and yearly food costs.

  • Care of the dog in the event of the client’s death

*The amount we are able to provide may vary, depending on the amount of funding available and the client's financial need.

Where do the funds come from?

A portion of donations made to CHAMP Assistance Dogs either "in honor of" or "in memory of" special pets and special people are earmarked for The Client Angel Fund. CHAMP may also move funds from our General account to The Client Angel Fund.

Donations may also be specifically designated for The Client Angel Fund, either for general use, or, if you would like the funds to be considered for use for the care of a particular service dog, please note that in "Special Instructions" for your online donation, or contact the CHAMP office.

Thank you for helping CHAMP ensure our dogs receive the care they need and deserve, through all stages of their lives!