Apply for a CHAMP to the Rescue Dog

adopted dog

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog from our Champ to the Rescue program!

CHAMP is partnered with the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) on this super program. Our goal is pretty simple: to help great shelter dogs find great forever homes!

How it Works

HSMO helps us select potential candidates from the dogs at the shelter. We're looking for overall nice dogs who either don't quite understand how to connect with a human, or perhaps just need to learn some manners or basic skills to help them be more adoptable. Candidates must pass ASPCA SAFER® testing given by HSMO staff before going to the prison.

The dogs are placed with a trainer at the prison, who then works with the dog for 10-12 weeks. The first step is always building a bond with the dog through eye-contact games and hand-feeding. Next, they learn a few basic skills to help them be more adoptable. And then, we find them great forever homes where they will be loved and valued members of their new family!

Skills Trained

  • basic house manners
  • crate training
  • connecting with a human
  • sit
  • down
  • go mat
  • loose leash walking
  • other skills and tricks

Great for the dogs, great for our trainers


While obviously beneficial for the rescue dogs, the program is also great for our offender-trainers. They gain experience by working with a larger number - and larger variety - of dogs. And they love having the opportunity to help these dogs regain their trust in people, and find the great homes they deserve.

Available Dogs

We usually have just one or two rescue dogs in the program at any given time. They are usually adults, and usually larger in size (45 pounds and up.)

If you'd like to be informed of CHAMP to the Rescue dogs as they become available for adoption, contact CHAMP. We will add you to the newsletter list that we use to announce available dogs.

Thank you for your interest!