Apply for a Released Dog

Puppies and dogs that are released from our training program are occasionally available for adoption. These dogs are typically between 5 months - 2 years old.

They may be released from our training program for a number of reasons:

  • Medical: did not pass health screenings for hips, elbows, or eyes; or has other health-related issues

  • Behavioral: excessive barking, low confidence, separation anxiety, an energy level that is either too high or too low for our needs, or assertiveness requiring a skilled leader.

Potential Adopters

  • If a released dog is a candidate for our CHAMP Therapy Dog Program, preference will be given to potential adopters interested in joining a Therapy Dog Class.

  • The regular adoption fee for Released Dogs ranges from $200 - $750. The lower range typically applies to dogs that have not yet been spayed or neutered, as the adopting home is REQUIRED to provide proof of spay/neuter.

  • CHAMP will provide all available medical records and a summary of the dog's training to date.

  • Released dogs are NOT service dogs. Most do not know service-dog-type skills, and none meet the health and temperament requirements for service dogs.

  • Please note that CHAMP doesn't often have released dogs available for companion placements (these dogs are often adopted by their puppy raisers or staff.)

  • If a dog becomes available for adoption, we will review all Companion Dog Application forms on file, and contact the potential homes that appear to be the best fit for the particular dog.

If you would like to be considered as a potential home for a dog released from the assistance dog training program, please contact CHAMP and request a Companion Animal Application. Thank you for your interest!