Puppy Socialization

Puppy raisers gently expose their puppies not only to household sights and sounds, but also those in the community that the dogs may come across in their working lives.

Puppy raisers seek out dozens of new people, friendly animals, and fun experiences each week.

The following is a partial list of adventures that CHAMP expects puppy raisers to experience with their puppy:

photo puppy watching parade

  • Walks in populated, diverse places (as soon as the puppy is properly vaccinated) - especially important for young puppies to increase their learning capacity
  • City streets, honking cars, big trucks, public transportation
  • Crowds, parades, sporting events, fairs
  • Grocery stores, restaurants, malls, elevators
  • Walk on all different surfaces plus all kinds of stairs
  • Meet other nice animals including cats and horses.
  • Lots of daily exercise - long walks and playtime with humans and other friendly dogs
  • Car rides
  • Go inside to new and interesting places at least three times a week
  • Men and women
  • All ages: infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and elderly
  • People of all ethnicities, all body types
  • People using walkers, people using wheelchairs, people pushing strollers and grocery carts
  • Kids and adults wearing backpacks or carrying umbrellas
  • People wearing uniforms, hats, beards, and big coats
  • Interesting sounds, like jingling keys, playing children, and pots and pans

The experiences must be presented so the puppy finds them fun and interesting, not scary. CHAMP staff is always ready to help if you should have questions.