Therapy Dog Class - How to Sign Up

Therapy Dog Program Signup

TD Willie obviously enjoys class!Our C.H.A.M.P.ion Therapy Animal Class is held twice each year, from January-May and August-December. Each session meets once a week for 16 weeks. Our class starting in January meets in the evening. Our class starting in August meets during the daytime. Depending on interest, we *MAY* offer an additional daytime class starting in January.

Requirements are:
Dog: at least 1 yr., less than 10 yrs., physically sound, have basic obedience skills, & pass a temperament evaluation.
Human: successfully complete the 16 week Therapy Animal Class & volunteer to support the mission of CHAMP, Inc. through therapy visits.

Obedience skills you & your dog will need to demonstrate are:

  • loose leash walking
  • sit on command
  • sit & stay for 1 minute
  • down on command
  • down & stay for 3 minutes
  • recall (come when called)

If you would like to bring a smile, brighten someone's day, join us! First check out Get Involved and Volunteer FAQ's, then sign up for the next Animal Therapy Class. Evaluations begin in the fall.

Cost: $150 for 16 weeks includes 40hrs. of class-time instruction, a CHAMP logo T-shirt, handbook, and i.d. tag. Graduating teams will also need to purchase a CHAMP Therapy Dog cape for visitations (approx. $25.)

*All of our services have been free of charge from our founding in 1998: our service dog, pet therapy, and education programs. Everything. However, we now find we must charge for the cost of our pet therapy program in order to keep the service dog program free for individuals receiving one of our assistance dogs.

Contact Us to reserve a spot for you and your Spot! Or call our office at (314) 653-9466.