The C.H.A.M.P.ion Difference

The C.H.A.M.P.ion Difference Our program is unique in many waPhoto - Bimmer practicing wheelchair skills with trainer Maryys.

  • We train using positive motivation techniques/operant conditioning
  • We provide strong support before and after placement
  • We give priority to the happiness and well-being of our dogs

Our Canine Training Our canine training philosophy and training methods lead to a high level of trust and a true partnership between human and dog. Our methods, developed by Mary Ruth, our Director of Training, and Janet Cole, our Executive Director, are specially designed to:

  • encourage the dog's natural desire to please
  • be effective
  • transfer well to our students
  • empower the relationship between the human partner and their service dog

Photos - Gidget opens refrigerator using door pull. Gidget gets item from refrigerator. Gidget closes refrigerator door. Gidget brings lunch!

Our Placement Services Our education process is very thorough and supportive, covering everything a future service dog user will need to know to fulfill their obligation to the partnership. We make in-home visits, and spread the education process out over several months. Our visits continue even after placement, as we assist our graduates in keeping their service dog's skills sharp plus assist with training new skills as needed.