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Raffle - Miniature Firehouse!

Raffle - Miniature Firehouse!

Hosted by Florissant Animal Hospital

Drawing December 19th 2012

This amazing miniature firehouse is sure to be treasured for year's to come.

This miniature firehouse was built by Suzanne of Suzanne's Dollhouses
in O'Fallon, MO on Hwy K. It comes furnished with everything pictured
except the firetruck.

27" long x 21" wide x 21" high, on a 2' x 3' base

Tickets are available at Florissant Animal Hospital

(or call CHAMP at 314-374-1246)

1 Ticket for $1

6 Tickets for $5

Magnum's "Making a Difference"

This just in from Carol, who is partnered with Hospice of Southern Illinois' CHAMP Facility Dog Magnum...

Exciting day!  Magnum has won the "Making A Difference" Award from NewsChannel 5 St. Louis.  This award is for "an individual who is under the radar but going above and beyond to make a difference in the community." Magnum is the first dog to be nominated!  We are so proud.  Today they filmed him at Relais Bonne Eau and presented us with the award.  It was very exciting to talk about the work Magnum, the fabulous staff, and volunteers do at the Hospice Home.  Thank you to everyone at Hospice of Southern Illinois for your support and encouragement of Facility Dog, Magnum." (photo: Magnum with Miss Carol and KSDK Reporter John Kelly)

Watch the NewsChannel 5 video!

Happy Birthday to Magnum! (Monday, July 16th)

It's a Birthday PAW-ty! Join Magnum and friends for a birthday gathering with birthday treats and Relais Bonne Eau tours on Monday, July 16th from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
Call Candice at Hospice of Southern Illinois if you have any questions (618-659-7900).
Gifts (accepted all day) will be donated to friends of Magnum at C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs, Inc., Edwardsville Humane Society (Madison County, IL), and Spencer Kennel (St. Clair County, IL). THANK YOU!
Magnum is really excited and hopes to see you at his Birthday Party!
(Humans only, please. We are sorry but space is limited at the Hospice Home).


Pattonville Honors CHAMP

C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs

Business Partner of the Year

May 7, 2012

The Pattonville School District enjoys a special working relationship with the local business community. Through the support of businesses in the area, the district is able to provide many unique opportunities to their students.

For several years, Pattonville Schools have had the pleasure and benefit of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers to regularly visit the schools. They encourage reluctant readers and help them gain confidence with their reading skills.

Volunteers bring their canine friends to elementary classrooms to help improve reading skills, increase writing skills, and gain confidence. They work side-by-side with the reading department while the dogs provide a non-threatening environment to the classroom. These special friends provide a non-judgemental atmosphere as good listeners allowing the student to read out loud and gain the confidence needed to increase and improve reading. Results show an increase in reading levels and a higher desire to read and write. The visits also improve students' interpersonal skills. Volunteers bring value and good character skills to the classroom showing students the importance of giving back and volunteering.

C.H.A.M.P. (Canine Helpers Allow More Possibilities) is a non-profit organization that gives our students these opportunities. CHAMP has been involved with Rose Acres Elementary for the past three years. Volunteers Liz Aurbach, with Tommy, and Dianne Peters, with Elliott, have become a big part of the Rose Acres family. Regular visits working with the reading classes are ongoing, but they also participate in special events and career education days.

Pattonville appreciates the support over the years and hopes to continue the relationship and expand it for many years to come.

Note: Although this award recognizes the reading program at Pattonville, our partnership in Pattonville schools actually began nearly twelve years ago, with classroom presentations to elementary and high school students. In fact, a group of creative high school students joined us at Grant's Farm to tell disability awareness stories using puppets. Wonderful memories!

Thanks, UPS!!

Dogs for a Cause 5-24-12 014

Andre Hatchett, UPS Feeder Manager, presents a check for $2,500 to CHAMP Board President Nola Ewers with Education Dog Moe, Executive Director Pam Bolton with Therapy Dog Gracie, and CHAMP Volunteer/UPS employee Lynn Beckemeyer with Therapy Dog Rupert.

UPS held a BBQ fundraiser for C.H.A.M.P. called “Dogs for a Cause” and raised $300. In addition, UPS presented CHAMP with a check for $2,500 for our Service Dog Program. Lynn Beckemeyer and Rupert volunteer though our Therapy Dog Program and Lynn is employed by UPS. Due to her hours of volunteer service and dedication to CHAMP, we were honored with this very generous donation. Lynn organized and worked at the BBQ during her vacation. In addition, we want to thank Cheryl Andrews (Community Involvement Coordinator), Daryl Bradshaw, and Andre Hatchett (UPS Feeder Managers) and the employees who helped with the BBQ at UPS for making this donation and BBQ possible.

Thanks to Our Friends at Mobil!

The Mobil gas station at 4132 Lindbergh (Lindbergh and Old Halls Ferry Rd.) hosted a fundraiser for CHAMP Assistance Dogs Inc. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 17-19. They provided the hot dogs, yummy desserts prepared by a Station volunteer and also offered reduced price sodas and chips as part of their Customer Appreciation Days.

All their hard work netted CHAMP a little over $500 for our programs. We thank store Manager Shelly and Assistant Manager TC for organizing and making the fundraiser a great success. The funds are ever important to us at this time.

CHAMP was represented by Executive Director, Pam Bolton; Board Member, Jennifer Kuehnle; Board Member, Lon Lowrey and volunteers Cher Lowrey and Lynn Beckemeyer. Newly placed service dog, Woody (chocolate Labrador Retriever), and three therapy program dogs, Rupert (black Labrador Retriever) , RIP (Golden Retriever) and Fergie (Bassett-Yorkie mix), were there to meet and greet all the visitors. They all were a huge hit!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Magnum Facility Dog, Hospice of Southern Illinois

Magnum is on his way to Relais Bonne Eau, Community Hospice Home, to spread some St. Patrick's Day Cheer!  We hope everyone has a great Holiday!!

Magnum, Facility Dog - Official "Welcome" Photo!

Magnum, Hospice of Southern Illinois, Relais Bonne EauThis is one Magnum's official Facility Dog photos!  Magnum is the Facility Dog at Relais Bonne Eau, Community Hospice Home located in Edwardsville, IL.  Magnum brings lots of love and care to patients, their families and staff!

Magnum, Hospice of Southern Illinois, Relais Bonne Eau

Graduation Day!

Yippee!  More therapy teams are coming!!   After 15 weeks of training, hard work, and fun!   Tomorrow is the big day!!    Hope we have enough---caps!!

What goes into obtaining our new future service dogs...very funny

Here is a copy of an e-mail that went out prior to a trip to NE to get pick up our newest puppies. It shows the planning that goes into this task and better yet the humor that goes with it!!! Enjoy.


Preparing for Puppies
[We thought you might enjoy reading an email conversation among staff regarding new puppies coming into CHAMP/]

Janet: alisha plz pull 4 baby crates out of the garage and disinfect them downstairs and let dry. i will plan on coming up friday to gather supplies for road trip. will need 4 puppy kits. ... i am trying to think of everything which might b needed.

paper towels
towels, flexis, leads
bottled water
towels, puppy shampoo
puppy wipes
stuffed animal snuggle toys
chlorox wipes
anything else?

Theresa:  poop bags and dog food

Janet:  poop bags, lol who can forget those with 4 pooping puppies. hoping breeder brings us food but will take some as back up.

Nola: would it make sense to take piddle pads and toss in an ex-pen for hotel bathroom floor. Might not be there long enough to worry about that.

Janet:  lol yes, but i am hoping she will keep them all night and we will get them in the a.m.

Nola:  Hmmm, at that age I'd have barely slowed down to toss them to you as we drove by...

Janet:  lmao, she [the breeder] sounds pretty balanced but says it is nuts at her house. she spoke to me last night n the garage. i asked her why it was so quiet. :))

Nola: It's a lovely experience until around 3-4 weeks of age and then you're wondering how in the heck you're going to keep up with 10 puppies all pooping at the same time nearly every time you turn around. of course, when you lean over the pen to pick it up they're SO excited they ALL come running over and jumping up, then they're all stepping in poop and smearing it all over themselves, each other, the rest of the pen, me, every nook and cranny,  <sigh> and then of course they all need baths and once they're clean it starts all over again. wish my back were up to it - I'd love to do it again.

Janet: ... she is not breeding again. lol i told her our story of the 8 pups in mom's diarrhea and how it took 5 people and 3 hours to clean it all up all the while they were still eating and pooping. yie, yie yie

Nola:  :))) Ah yes, that was something to remember...